Plain English Awards

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Paula van Gemen

Judge: Best Plain English Website category

Paula van Gemen

Plain Language Trainer,, Ottersum, Netherlands

Every person has the right to be treated in a respectful and friendly way, and to receive communications in plain language.

That’s Paula van Gemen’s strong belief. And that’s why she’s a firm advocate of plain language, and why she spreads her knowledge all over the Netherlands with her company

Legalese lovers

Paula’s training agency is used by companies that want to improve their customer contact through clear writing. Many companies and government institutions that have to deal with business jargon, legalese, and officialese find their way to Paula for strategic advice and training programmes. And Paula always helps her clients with a strong focus on plain language.

Fun and effective

Paula’s training can be followed 100 percent online, or can be combined with live coaching and training. With her unique and sparkly teaching style, Paula connects with people and helps them to change their way of thinking and therefore their way of writing — because clear thinking results in clear writing.

Let’s celebrate!

Paula says:

This year, 2017, is a very special year. was founded in 2007 and so this year we celebrate 10 years of happy customers and clear writing. A perfect moment to be judging in this year’s Plain English Awards. Because I believe fine examples of plain writing are worth celebrating!

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