Plain English Awards

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Maryland Spencer

Judge: Best Plain English Sentence Transformation category

Maryland Spencer

Writer, editor, trainer, author, WriteBrand Communications, New Zealand

Maryland is another of our international judges. Her online and hard copy consultancy mainly covers national and regional government. She’s been analysing, writing, editing, and designing information since 1994, and loves the psychology behind it.

With a background in the London School of Journalism and Information Mapping, she founded WriteBrand Communications. This promotes the combination of clear writing, ‘at-a-glance’ scannable structure, and the sparkle of an organisation’s brand message and personality. It turns dry documents into information that engages its audience.

Her ‘seek and destroy’ attitude towards gibberish has won her two WriteMark Plain English Awards and an Award of Distinction.

Satisfaction is to: ‘red-pen the ego-speak’, merge duplications to halve the document size and future-proof risk, and add ‘fun and colour’.

2017 Plain English Awards judges