Plain English Awards

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Marjon Leemborg

Judge: Best Plain English Sentence Transformation category

Marjon Leemborg

Writer, LVE, The Netherlands

People read all day, every day. People are also busy. They don’t want to read unnecessary information. Efficiency is key. Therefore, we make sure the reader finds and understands the main message of what they’re reading in 10 seconds. They can then decide whether they need to read on and find out more.

Surprised. Inspired. Wowed. Ready to apply insights and tips like this — and many more — every day in your writing. That’s the feeling I would like my clients to experience when I show them how they can improve their writing. And what plain language can do for them.

I’ve been working for LVE for almost 2 decades now. I feel very privileged that I am able to do this from my second home country, New Zealand. And I’m stoked and excited to be part of the panel of judges for the Plain English Awards this year!

With 65 employees, LVE is the largest communications agency for plain language in the Netherlands, helping Dutch organisations and government agencies to communicate clearly. LVE is well known for its strong training approach and unique ideas about communication. Since early 2017 LVE has been expanding its services into English, helping non-native speakers to communicate clearly in English.

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